Hands Free Paper Towel Dispensers

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Georgia-Pacific EnMotion Automatic Rolled Towel Dispenser: Has adjustable settings. Helps reduce waste by 30% for use with 4 Standard Alkaline D Batteries. Use with: 

10" Cut N Dry Dispenser:  Touch-free, no batteries required. No sensors. For 10" wide roll towels.

Classic Mechanical Handsfree 8" & Stub Towel Dispenser: Hands free dispensing, no batteries needed. Cuts off 11" portion of towels. Dispenses most types of hand roll towels. 

Electra Automatic Hygienic Hands-Free Dispenser: This is a touchless dispenser that eliminates stub roll waste. Batteries used with this dispenser. Has low-battery light feature. Battery life to last around 1 year. Uses 8 x 800 roll towels. 

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